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Transmission Maintenance in Laurel, MD

No matter if your vehicle is brand new or has already seen its fair share of miles, one of the smartest investments you can make into extending the life and performance of your car is with transmission maintenance. In Laurel, Maryland, the team at North Laurel Transmission offers an array of ongoing services designed to keep your entire system working at optimum performance. Those who diligently perform maintenance have the greatest chance of avoiding any major issues from mile one to 100,000 and beyond.

Schedule Your Transmission Fluid Changes with Us

To truly get the most of your transmission, we highly recommend a filter and transmission fluid changes every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Unlike your engine oil, changing your transmission fluid is best left to our professionals who know how to perform this task properly.

Furthermore, our experts are able to inspect the fluid to see if a larger issue may be on the horizon. For instance, we often find harmful contaminants such as fibers from the vehicle's clutch discs or metal shavings. If any of these are detected in your vehicle, we can take immediate action via transmission service to prevent a costly repair or replacement service in the future.

Transmission Maintenance Laurel MD

Remove Performance-Hindering Gunk with a Transmission Flush

Among the most effective methods of transmission maintenance, a transmission flush is when the transmission system is completely flushed out using a specialized machine. This removes virtually all grime and buildup that will cause performance issues down the road if not handled. New fluids are added once the flush is completed.

Three Powerful Benefits of a Transmission Service

Whether a transmission flush or fluid change is best for your car, the outcome is the same: a better working transmission for many years to come. Choosing our team for a transmission service provides your transmission three key benefits—better lubrication, reduced heat, and restored holding power between the clutches. These three benefits add too longer, stronger performance and less wear overtime. This paves the way for far fewer repairs in the future.

Prolong the Life of Your Transmission on Your Own

While we're able to keep your transmission on the right track, there are simple steps in transmission maintenance you can take by yourself to increase system longevity. First, and most importantly, make sure fluids are always present. Much like your engine oil, transmission fluid should always be at proper level. Be sure to check this on a regular basis. Secondly, be continuously aware of any changes or unusual activity coming from your transmission. This includes any strange sounds or smells. Catching an issue early will help mitigate serious problems later on. Ignoring transmission maintenance only yields to problems and repairs down the road.

Contact us and discover the ways we're able to maintain the life and integrity of your transmission with simple, ongoing maintenance. We're available in Laurel, Beltsville, Hanover, Bowie, and Crofton, MD.

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